Frequently Asked Questions

What is Authority Niche Links?

Authority Niche Links is a service that enables SEO marketers to create articles and get blog post backlinks for free easily.

How do you create Articles?

We create articles by mixing articles related to your keyword or category. It will randomly grab sentences on an article that is related to your keyword or category. You can also choose how many sentences per paragraph and how many paragraphs. You can also choose a min and max values for the number of sentences per paragraph and the number of paragraphs and the system will randomly choose what value.

Can I spin the article generated with a SPINNER TOOL using API?

For now you can only spin it using The Best Spinner API. You need to have an account on TBS first before you can use it.

Can I save my generated articles?

Yes you can save your articles. It will ask for a project name and it will be displayed on your PROJECT LIST.